TIM Venture


TIM Venture was founded in 2010 on the simple notion that there has to be a better way. So we invested in the best people and the best technology to create a financial services firm that has achieved unprecedented success in managing risk, providing liquidity, and making markets. Our recipe for success has been simple: relentless innovation with flawless execution.

We then applied what we learned in the equities markets to create online businesses that expand the reach, relevance, and possibilities of the stock market. We created Fastrade House, the only online brokerage with the technology, tools, and bloodline of TIM VENTURE. Finally, we created WeTrade, a social network that empowers and educates people who have never before engaged with the stock market.

Trading House


The core of the TIM Venture LLC trading business includes market making, risk management, alternative investments, and proprietary trading. Learn more...

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